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An exciting time to join the Heartland Adjunct Faculty Association

Letter from the President of HAFA
Terry Baggett
Fall 2007

Welcome back to another year at Heartland. The good news is that HAFA has experienced a recruitment surge this fall. We are pleased with all the new recruits. We can also say that revenues are improved and operations streamlined. The bad news is that we still need more involvement from HAFA members. This means YOU.

A union is not an abstract concept. It is people working together in their own enlightened self interest. A group is only a group so long as they can work together; otherwise they become a collection of individuals. Do you really want your work environment to be a race to the bottom, each trying to undersell the rest to gain advantage? If anyone would say yes, I would have to seriously question their competence to be in the teaching profession.

No one can do everything. Everyone can do something. If your life is busy and hectic then so is everyone else. It is part and parcel of being an adjunct, and makes it more necessary not less that we all share the burden. The belief that HAFA will somehow keep limping along regardless of your input is just that a BELIEF. HAFA can fail and will do so if YOU and others do not get involved.

Even the smallest contributions make a big difference, because it shows YOU CARE and the rest of us are not just wasting our time. There are always duties light enough for the frailest hands and quick enough for the busiest. Just ask us what YOU can do.

Terry Baggett
President of HAFA

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