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The Myth of the Tenured Faculty, By Barbara McKenna

Not too long ago, the speech communications instructor and video producer looked at the 15 years she’s spent shuttling between teaching jobs at Portland State University, Portland Community College, Marylhurst University and the Northwest Film Center and said, enough! The teaching—about which she is passionate—“was the easy part.” The hard part was “running around between schools, dragging my material, trying to get to my classes, setting up, being emotionally prepared for students.”

So two years ago, she applied the brakes on her freeway-flying treadmill, deciding she could continue to impart her craft one well-chosen class at a time, and go back to the video production work that more reliably pays her bills. In her view, “the big myth in higher education is, if you work hard, get a degree, take on extra, you will get hired as full-time faculty.” She wishes someone had clued her in earlier that that wasn’t going to happen. Read the whole article by following the resource link.

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